Q1.Is it compulsory to travel in a group Umrah package or I can travel by myself ?
A: The only requirement of the Umrah is that all the Visa and accommodation must be arranged through an approved agent and one may travel in a group of any size or on their own Insha’Allah

Q2.Can my trip be designed with a stopover in another country? for example, Dubai, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh?
A: Yes, there are a number of the airlines who offer many destinations at a small extra charge, these include the destinations in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Far East. Some carriers as, Saudi Airline, Etihad, Emirates, Turkish airlines, Gulf Air and Qatar Airways, are among the carriers who offer the stopovers and the onwards trips.

Q3.Is Umrah visa free as stated in the visa?
A: Visa is free in the sense that it doesn’t incur any cost from the embassy in London, however to attain mofa number for processing the visa there is a cost element which is charged by the companies in Saudi Arabia.

Q4.How many times in a year can I go to Umrah?
A: Currently there is not restrictions on the number of times you can travel to Umrah within a year, unlike hajj once in every 5 years in accordance to Hijri calendar. This is correct on the date of publication.

Q5.I want to go Umrah but I don’t have a British passport? How can I get Umrah visa?
A: If your status as follows, indefinite stay, settlement visa, student visa you can get Umrah visa this is correct on the date of publication.

Q6.How long can I stay with an Umrah visa?
A: Currently maximum number is 14 days stay this is correct on the date of publication.

Q7.What happens to our suit cases during Hajj days?
A: During hajj days, your belongings will be stored in a safe and secure storage.

Q8.Is Umrah open through the year?
A: Umrah visas are currently issued between the beginning of December and normally ends 28th Sahaban departure by 25th Ramadan, please bear in mind there is a quota in place for Sahaban and Ramadan therefore book early to avoid disappointments.

Q9. What happen if there is any problem after I arrived in Saudi Arabia?
A: In any unlikely event of getting any problem with transportation and hotel bookings, prior to your departure it is our common practice that we will provide you with three emergency contact numbers they are bilingual staff (speak English, Arabic, Urdu, and Bengali) and you need to contact any one of them in the first instant, they will resolve the situation Insha’Allah. Otherwise you can contact us (call, text, WhatsApp, email, skype)

Q10. Is it possible for a woman to travel by herself? ?
A: A woman must travel with a valid Mahrah which is not only a requirement of the Ministry of Hajj but also the Shariah. A Mahram can be (close male relative) i.e. father, son, brother, grandson, maternal or paternal uncle, grandfather, nephew, father-in-law and son-in-law.